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I'm so sorry guys, but I'm sure some of you noticed the long long gaps in updating.

I love all and each of you, your support, favs and lovely comments, and this comic is my dear baby - but. It seems that somehow I lost my drive, all the plot ideas seem stupid, and can't figure where to go with it.

I'm not abadonding this baby, it has been in my mind for may years now, but I need to get it all together again.

If any of you has some ideas, any kind of brainstorm, or just speculations where this plotline could go, I'd be really greatful for it. Can't promise to insert it in the story, but maybe it'd be the little push to keep me going again.

So: Thank you all, and I hope to continuie this webcomic -with the same drive as I begun- soon in the future!

- Posted by sonten on February 27th, 2016, 9:38 am    -   0 comments

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